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‘Il Leccione’ farm is located in the deep heart of Tuscany, in the middle of the magic triangle between Florence, Siena and Pisa, on the dense hills seen from the San Gimignano's towers, and the fortress of San Miniato al Tedesco. The family that produces the wines at ‘Il Leccione’, rooted in this herth from many generations, has handed the tradition from father to son with their love for the wine growing like an hereditary profession. In this territory, where the Etruscans took out the clan to make sculptures and built thetombs in the tufa, the wine's cultivation is as old as men's culture. These wines have the specific feature to grow up in a stony and reach in azoth territory with a unique microclimate, with a particular exposure from east to south/west, with the sun kissing all the day the vineyards. For this reason these wines are produced in a precious niche of the property, where the great red wines pick up only optimal qualities.

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Agricola "Il Leccione"

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